We are overwhelmed and enchanted by the beautiful final projects that have come our of our courses so far. Here is just a small sample of what our students have created:

Jenny Davies-Reazor made this gorgeous necklace inspired by the ballad of “Tam Lin” for our October 2016 course “‘An Eerie Tale to Tell’: Folklore for All Hallows Eve”She says: “I was struck in the ballad by the contrasts between Janet and the Fairy Queen – Janet, the rose, representing life, love, lush growth and fertility. The FQ representing love as power-over, hard, the reigning monarch, unyielding and vengeful if provoked. So the 2 sided pendant was designed first to express this contrast, and conflict. The necklace portion, predominantly green as was Janet’s oft mentioned kirtle… does include some stoney grey. But the green is in the majority… as Janet won her love in the end.”

– – –

Connie Todd Lila created this amazing mixed media diorama entitled “Cabinet of Curiosities For Baba: A Portrait” for our Winter 2017 course “The Fairy Tale”

She says the piece was: “… constructed around an antique mortar and pestle, including corrugated and tissue papers, birch bark and painted craft mushrooms to echo Ivan Bilibin’s illustration, dried fairy ring and honey mushrooms, “hut” shelf made from a woodland shelf mushroom holding glass potion bottles, one containing dried Datura seeds, the Datura seedpod itself, skeleton keys, assorted dried botanicals and mosses, bone fence with wire and skull beads, feathers, and desiccated, shellacked chicken feet……no, really…!”