Here are a few wonderful things we are honored to say have been said about us!

“The best kind of teacher is someone who is passionate about what they are teaching: not just in a scholarly sense, but a personal one. Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman both love fairy tales. They live and breathe folklore and magical tales from centuries past. However, they are also both that rare combination: someone who has both a personal passion and professional knowledge on the subject.

Sara and Brittany will not only teach you about those fairy tales with which you may not be familiar, but they will help you to see new aspects of the classic fairy tales you’ve known for years. What’s more, they will explain why these tales, with their classic tropes and symbols, are still pertinent today in society and in your own personal life.”

Grace Nuth – Ohio, USA

– – –

“Folklore, the knowledge of the people, spans the globe, ranging from superstition and ritual to the Gebrüder Grimm’s collected fairy tales to rhymes and proverbs. But many of us have barely dipped our hands into this enormous treasure trove. We know a handful of wonder tales, an urban legend or two. We know Disney.

That’s where Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman come in. These two experienced folklorists are ambassadors to an enchanted realm of story and song, throwing open the carved wooden doors with a generosity of spirit and a passion for the fantastic that carries you right along with them. They love what they do; as your guides, they will delightedly show you how to engage with all things folkloric—and how to see those things in the world around you.

Curious about glass slippers? About witches and why we don’t step on cracks and how to entice a naga? Then treat yourself to a course (or three!) and follow Sara and Brittany through the winding, moon-silvered halls of the Carterhaugh School. You definitely won’t be disappointed.”

Shveta Thakrar – Pennsylvania, USA

– – –

“If, in childhood, you ever checked for wolves lurking behind trees; or planted “magic” seeds, then watched for a beanstalk; or rubbed Grandmother’s antique brass lamp, wishing… wishing…. then, The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic is for you. Brittany and Sara expertly lead us to the gate whereby grown-ups may enter that Enchanted Realm ~ and then, literally, share with us “the Key.” Beautiful and entertaining, the Long Course on The Fairy Tale fulfilled in me both the scholarly adult and the little girl still longing for enchantment. Please let me know how soon we may enroll in the next course from the Carterhaugh School.”

– Connie Todd Lila – Wisconsin, USA

– – –

“I was fortunate to take both course offerings from the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic: an “An Eerie Tale to Tell” in Fall 2016 and “Long Course: The Fairy Tale” in Winter 2017. I was highly impressed by the thought and preparation they had put into each class. It’s clear that their online school is a labor of love through which they can share their passion for fairy tales and folklore with the world.

The video lessons are well-done, scholarly, and engaging, the readings were fascinating, and I hope to read the additional suggested readings as well. I especially enjoyed the grimoire pages that provided beautiful keepsake summaries of each lesson. I am not a beginner student in folklore and fairy tales but I learned so much in these classes and the accompanying student discussion group. Thank you for giving us the golden key to these stories!

You will not be disappointed in any of the course offerings from Carterhaugh–I recommend them all!”

Meenoo Mishra – Georgia, USA