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  1. Ellen Paquette created this gorgeous painting of Tatterhood for her final project for our Winter 2017 course on “The Fairy Tale.” She says that she “used an antique frame that came from an old family home. I love how the tucked silk on the inner frame is faded and frayed–perfect for Tatterhood. I decided to portray the goat as the feral European type, rather than short-haired and domesticated. It took me back to several years ago when I was exploring a hill fort in Devon and encountered a herd of almost otherworldly feral goats. They were long-coated, extremely aromatic in a gamey sort of way, and extremely intimidating. Because there was underbrush all around and no way to go but along the path, I found myself starting to hum some sort of lullabyish tune that I pulled out of the ether. The unspoken lyrics were “hello I’m friendly but please may I pass I won’t tell your secrets if you don’t melt me with your steely gazes or butt me with your very long horns and if you let me go in peace I’ll write this song down and call it the goat’s lullaby.”

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