noun: grimoire; plural noun: grimoires
A book of magic spells and invocations. A textbook of magic.

All of our courses here at Carterhaugh come with “grimoire pages” – short lesson summaries on a PDF beautifully made to resemble a page in an ancient spell book. These pages are yours to keep and, perhaps, even print and assemble into a little Carterhaugh grimoire of your own!

Students have been coming up with all kinds of great ways to use their grimoire pages – check out the beautiful binder design that Shveta Thakrar made!

Shveta made her binder at Zazzle and we’ve created a template that you can customize there if you’d like to do the same!

You can even get a 100% free grimoire page about “folk narrative” if you sign up for our newsletter! And we do plan on offering a few sample grimoire pages here in the future as well, so watch this space!