In an attempt to make our AMAZING community even stronger, we’re introducing a new Patreon tier – the Salonnières!

You might remember the fairy-tale salons that we tried out for the first time in our Gothic Fairy Tales course. Modeled after the fairy-tale salons of the French aristocrats, our salons were spaces to consider deeply personal questions about fairy tales and our lives, places to complete and share quests to harness a little everyday enchantment, and – most simply but perhaps most importantly – virtual gatherings where we could encourage, connect with, and SEE each other.

So, after a bit of tweaking from the initial model, we’re so happy to announce that the Carterhaugh Fairy-Tale Salon is going to be a monthly thing via a special tier on our Patreon!!

Much like the book club, once a month anyone at the salon tier or above will be invited to join a special Zoom session, our official digital fairy-tale salon. Each month we’ll offer a prompt, a quest to get your wheels turning, and then we’ll gather to talk about our theme as a group. Bring your beverage of choice for toasting, your amazing minds, and we’ll do the rest! 

Click here to check it out – our aim is to make this tier as inclusive as possible, while still being a bit more of an investment. Think of it as your membership in a very exclusive fairy-tale club – we know it won’t be for everyone, but those who join will be serious about getting their money’s worth and working with us to make it the absolute best it can be for everyone involved! 

Basically, this is the tier you want if you’re looking for monthly deep dives into fairy tales with people as passionate about them as you are!

(Plus, remember, you get everything from the previous tiers too, so that includes your name and link on our webpage if you choose, behind the scenes updates, the grimoire pages, access to the monthly Carterhaugh book club (which is SO FUN!), periodic snail mail from us, AND the ability to participate in the twice-yearly Carterhaugh Chimera Project!)

Check our events calendar for upcoming salons, and, again, here is the link to join us on Patreon – we thank you so much for supporting Carterhaugh, and we hope to see many of you there!