Interested in booking us for a live lecture or workshop? We’d love to chat! Send us an e-mail at theprofs@carterhaughschool.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


We are also open to consulting work! Our rate is $500/hr for the two of us.


Research Help:
Are you researching something related to folklore and want some direction or help? We’re happy to assist! We’re both particularly well-versed in folk narrative, but have expertise in all areas of folkloristics (and we definitely know where to go to look if we don’t have the answer right away!) We can also help with literary research.

Discussion and Feedback:
Do you have a wonderful idea for a fairy-tale retelling that you’re just not quite sure how to get started with? Are you looking to start documenting the stories your family tells around the dinner table at Thanksgiving and want some tips on how to go about it? Are you interested in a career in folklore and want to know what your options are? We’re happy to have a one-on-two talk with you!

Folklore Project Help:
Do you need more specific help with a folklore project, beyond what a simple conversation can give you? Do you want specialized aid regarding conducting interviews, presenting folkloric materials, ethnopoetics, making a folklore-related lesson plan, etc.? We can help with this too!

Writing and Project Consultations:
If you have a finished (or near finished) project related to folklore that you would like feedback on, we’re happy to help with that too! We can look at both Fiction and Non-Fiction. Note, however, that we are not editors and do not do line-by-line edits or grammar fixes – we look at the big picture to give personalized feedback particularly related to the folkloric content of your piece.

Interested in something else?
Film? Corporate storytelling? Building a business based on your academic passions?
Reach out!
We’d be happy to discuss what you have in mind and see if we can help!