Do you have a question for us? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page!

Q: What if I can’t watch the videos on the dates they’re posted? / Do the courses meet at specific times?
A: You do NOT have to play with the materials on any specific dates – they are yours to download and keep for whenever is best for you! All of our lectures are recorded and the videos will stay up and available for as long as we can (and, through Teachable, this should be quite a long time indeed!) This is one of the many reasons why online courses work so well – they can fit everyone’s schedule :). The dates listed with courses are simply the days on which we will be posting each lesson/having each live lecture.

Q: What happens after I pay for the course?
A: Once your payment goes through, you will be added to the official course roster with the e-mail you used to pay. You will also receive a ‘thank you’ / ‘initial welcome’ e-mail! When the class begins, we’ll send a more official welcome letter with information about how to change your registered e-mail address, how to find the private course Facebook group, where materials will be posted, etc. If you’re worried about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also join our main Facebook group to connect with others waiting for the course to begin!

Q: How will I know when there are new courses? Is there a newsletter I can join?
A: Our newsletter is the best way to keep in touch with us – we always announce all of our new courses there! Please fill out the fields and click “SIGN UP” below to join!

Q: Do you guys have a social media presence?
A: We do! You can find our official Facebook group here – note that this is a general group for everyone interested in our courses, not one of the individual class pages. We also have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, an Instagram account, and a YouTube channel!

Q: Will there be a space online for students to discuss current course work?
A: Yes! Each individual class will have a Facebook group for members only. Lessons and materials, group discussions, news, fun stuff (Brittany’s fond of making silly graphics and playlists), and more will be posted there! You will receive the invitation to this group in the welcome letter you’ll receive when the course begins. Specific course groups will only be available for a limited time and ONLY registered students of each course may be members. You don’t have to be online at any specific time to participate in the Facebook discussions either!

Q: What are the “grimoire pages” that come with some lessons?
A: The “grimoire pages” are one page PDF lesson summaries – they’re short but beautifully presented, made to look like the pages of an ancient spell book. You can find out more about them here. The more classes you take with us, the more pages you can add to your own personal Carterhaugh grimoire! We plan to offer bonus pages as free downloads on the website as well, so watch our blog :).

A few sample grimoire pages!

Who made your gorgeous logo??
A: Our beautiful logo was made by the amazing artist Rachel Oakes!

Q: What live courses have you done in the past?
A: You can read our full list of completed courses by clicking here!

Q: I’m intrigued, but I kinda want to know how you guys work first. Is there anything available I can watch for free?
A: We do periodically offer free lectures, yes! Join our newsletter or follow us on social media to see when they’re happening live, but, in the meantime, please feel free to check out our recordings page – there are even lectures there that you can watch for free!