An exclusive lecture only at FaerieCon 2016 in Baltimore, MD!

Once upon a time (in 1986, if we’re being precise, and one should always be precise), a young girl called upon a goblin king, launching herself into an adventure that has enchanted and delighted audiences for 30 years. But what stories gave the king his crown, what tales danced through the young girl’s mind when she dreamed, and what histories shaped the labyrinth? In this interactive lecture by folklore scholars Brittany Warman and Sara Cleto, we will explore the folkloric materials that influenced the celebrated film Labyrinth. By discussing themes drawn upon such as the fairylore of changelings, labyrinths themselves, goblins, quest narratives, and more, participants will step into the lore of the labyrinth and perhaps come away with some of its secrets.

This lecture was free with admission to FaerieCon 2016 and took place on Saturday, November 5th, from 4PM-5PM. Sara and Brittany also participated in two panels: “Living a Magical Life” (2:30PM-3:30PM) on Friday, November 4th and “Folklore and World-Building” (11AM-12PM) on Saturday, November 5th.

This event is over now, but please check out our other offerings and consider coming to FaerieCon 2017!