Once upon a time…

A girl in red walked into the woods with a basket for her grandmother. There, she wandered from the path, talked to a strange wolf, was eaten, was saved.

Or, once upon a time…

The girl, who did not wear red, went into the woods. She met a werewolf, chose the Road of Needles instead of the Road of Pins. She performed a strip-tease for the wolf, tricked him, and ran back home, and slammed the door behind her.

Or, once upon a time…

A girl, once more in red, walked into the woods. She wandered, talked, was eaten. She was not saved, and she remained in the wolf’s belly.

In this ten lesson course, “The Fairy Tale,” we welcome you across the threshold of Carterhaugh to explore a collection of wonder tales from around the world- stories you may know, stories you may think you know, stories that are strange and unfamiliar. Through a combination of lectures, supplemental readings, and creative responses, we will introduce you to the wide world of fairy-tale scholarship and provide the history, context, and tools to begin analyzing these stories.

The course will be conducted through video lectures that will be accessible on the dates listed below, but all the materials will be yours to download and interact with whenever you choose (so don’t worry if you can’t play on those specific dates!) Full payment must be complete by the time registration closes on January 15th at midnight. Aside from the videos you will also receive the PowerPoint presentations featured in the video lectures, a beautifully made PDF “grimoire page” summary of each lesson, and any supplementary reading. This material is yours to keep and download for personal use!

Because this is our first long class, we are also going to include a small but special welcome package through the real mail! What’s in this package will be a surprise… but we promise it will delight and enchant you!

There will be a final assignment prompt for which you may choose the path of the scholar, the path of the writer, or the path of the artist. Personal feedback on completed final assignments is available upon request – we would love to see what you come up with!

Dates: January 16th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, 30th, February 2nd, 6th, 9th, 13th, 16th – note that these are simply the dates that materials will be posted! You will be able to access everything indefinitely and watch whenever is most convenient to you.
Total Number of Lessons: 10
What’s Included: Welcome Letter, Mailed Special Welcome Package, 10 Video Lectures, 10 PowerPoint Presentations, 10 Beautiful PDF “Grimoire Page” Lesson Summaries, PDFs or Links to Any Supplementary Reading, Personal Feedback on Completed Final Assignment if Desired
Any Additional Materials Needed: No
Registration Closes: January 15th at Midnight

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE HAS CLOSED AND THE COURSE HAS FINISHED – You can, however, buy a non-interactive version of the course here!

Please sign up for our newsletter or join us on our official Facebook page to find out about future offerings – thank you for your interest!

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