Welcome to the official community guidelines for the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic Facebook discussion group, run by Drs. Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman! Facebook allows us only a small amount of space to detail our guidelines, so we have made this page to express them more fully.

Our Facebook community is a place share all things folklore, fairy tale, and witchy. Essays, news, memes, and art on folkloric themes are our jam. We also share information about our upcoming courses and talks, any freebies we’re offering, etc. It’s also a place get to know YOU, so please introduce yourself, tell us your favorite fairy tale, or just hang out with your fellow magic-makers! We’ve built this community to support, inspire, and educate.

We want to make sure it’s a safe space, so we have some house rules that we enforce daily:

Group Rules

  • Please be kind! If someone posts about a book they love and it’s not your jam, maybe keep scrolling instead of explaining why it sucks?
  • Please keep all posts on topic. Folklore is a massive category, and we’re willing to be expansive in what falls under the umbrella. But posts that truly have nothing to do with folklore or fairy tales will be deleted.
  • Feel free to ask questions! Sara and Brittany might not be able to answer everything, but our community is an amazing resource!
  • Be helpful! Contribute to the community. Build relationships, share cool folklore things you’ve found in the wild, and offer suggestions to others when they ask questions.
  • Posts are moderated, and those that are deemed inappropriate, untrue, offensive, overly self-promotional, or unrelated to the posts in the community will be deleted without notice. We want to remember that everyone is here for positive community, fun, and education. So no spam, promos, poaching, affiliate links, or direct selling. If you notice that a post of yours was deleted and are unsure why, or if you’re not sure if you should post something or not, please feel free to email us at carterhaughschool@gmail.com so we can clarify for you.
  • Please no over-the-top self-promotion. If you’re not sure what we mean here: Sharing a selkie picture that you drew is great! Repeatedly sharing links to your Etsy shop where you are selling the picture is less great! Sharing an online concert you’re excited to attend is great! Only ever participating in this group to repeatedly share links to your own online concert is less great! We want people to share what they’re working on and are excited about – we don’t want the group to become an enormous billboard.
    • If you’ve joined this group in hopes of directly selling your services or wares to other members, we remind you that this is not the space for these activities.
    • Some people may wonder why Sara and Brittany will be sharing and promoting, and here’s the reason: we’ve created this space. We curate, cultivate, care for, and love on this community at every opportunity. If you are in here, it’s likely that you’ve heard us speak on stage, be interviewed on a podcast, savor our emails, or in some way resonate with our teachings. So it would be silly for us not to invite you to get deeper into the work when we’ve got opportunities to do so.
  • A note on accuracy – the volume of posts in the group has grown significantly over the past few years, and Sara and Brittany can no longer personally check the accuracy of each post. Please keep this in mind. If you see something grievously inaccurate, please contact us.
  • We want to maintain an inclusive, celebratory atmosphere that encourages diversity and respect for diversity. To this end, we will delete posts or comments that are disrespectful, that appropriate oppressed cultures, or that suggest cultural appropriation is not an issue. All LGBTQIA individuals are welcome here and will be shown respect by members. Also, Black lives matter. And, we cannot believe we have to say this in 2020, but no Nazis. Nazis will be banned.

If you have questions about something specific, please email us at carterhaughschool@gmail.com. Please do not send private messages to Sara or Brittany in their Facebook direct message inboxes – they will likely go right into the spam filter, and we won’t see them!