Live Lectures and Workshops:

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Profs and Pints: The Grimms’ Witches
[OCTOBER 2019]
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Maryland Rennaissance Festival: Myth & Magic Weekend
“King Arthur Legends” and “The Magical Creatures of Harry Potter

Contemporary American Theater Festival
CATF in Context Lecture Series
“Retelling Fairy Tales from a Feminist Perspective”
[JULY 2019]

Profs and Pints: Summoning Fairies
[MAY 2019]

WitchLab: Witches in the Grimms’ Fairy Tales
[MARCH 2019]

ReaderCon: The Witch in Folklore
[JULY 2018]

The Magical Druid: Witches in the Grimms’ Fairy Tales
[OCTOBER 2017]

Licking County Library: Folklore in Japanese Anime
[AUGUST 2017]

FaerieCon: “Through dangers untold…”: The Folklore of Labyrinth