• “Finding Carterhaugh School is like stumbling into Rivendell. It's a magical place where learning, enchantment, creativity, joy, and community flourish. Sara and Brittany's expertise and infectious love of fairy tales creates a beautiful and supportive environment. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone with a heartfelt love of learning, connecting, and enchantment in everyday life.”

    Keziah Baltz
  • “… these ladies are passionate about all aspects of fairy tales, combining formidable scholarly-chops and research with accessibly-lovely whimsy and humor [...] they make their courses appeal to a wide range of folks. They're inclusive and lay-friendly, while remaining challenging and engaging for the experienced scholar as well. Their materials combine the best of old world research and resources, with the tech-savvy and visual eye candy that appeals to critical, yet hungry contemporary fairy tale folk. They're fresh yet grounded, and have helpings aplenty of brains and beauty in the presentation and the content. Best of all, they specifically encourage personal development along an individual's chosen 'path' (scholar, writer or artist) for the final assignment so you can make your study relevant to your personal life and journey. Like folklorists tend to do, the study becomes part of the student's actual life and experience"

    Gypsy Thornton Creator of Once Upon a Blog
  • "The magic of folklore and fairy tales is as vital to our everyday lives as the food we take for sustenance. Brittany Warman and Sara Cleto feed our souls abundantly with their significant scholarship and personal passion for the tales we all think we know. With a forthright love of their subject, these two teachers illuminate the dark corners of stories with the luminescence of knowledge and inspiration. For anyone who seeks enchantment through learning, the Carterhaugh School provides a perfect compass."

    Deborah Sage
  • “Carterhaugh is a magical place that exists in between worlds. It’s as real as real can be in the mind and heart, but it exists only via the virtual world of the technology of the World Wide Web as opposed to face to face in a traditional classroom. Yet the depth of discussion and the wealth of intelligent information shared at lightning speed exceeds that which one would find in a classroom. The people in a Carterhaugh class would never otherwise meet all in one place were it not for these classes held in liminal space. These ethereal classes teach us that there are others out there just like us: we are never alone. It’s honestly so incredible to find that there are people out there who think like us. You know when you grow up feeling like you have this secret world in your head or in your books or in your bedroom even or the places you go and you just wanna share it with somebody who gets it but you don’t necessarily come across those people, that’s why it’s just incredible to be here.”

    Susan Redington Bobby Editor of Fairy Tales Reimagined: Essays on New Retellings
  • “Carterhaugh is an amazing, enchanted place. Sara and Brittany are the best teachers - full of knowledge, intelligence, warmth, insight, playfulness and creativity. The community they have created has attracted students with those same wonderful qualities. I‚Äôm constantly amazed, and deeply touched, by the love, support and acceptance I have found here, and am stimulated intellectually and creatively by the lessons, and from what everyone shares and creates. I feel truly blessed to have found such a magical place, and such magical people.”

    Debi Cady
  • “Being part of Rapunzel's Circle was an incredible experience. It was educational, entertaining and illuminating. The course material is beautifully presented and the live lectures are inspirational as well as being an absolute hoot! I cannot wait to do another class. Carterhaugh is more than a school it's your very own fairy tale family.”

    Karen Ravenscroft-Wheeler
  • "When I discovered Sara and Brittany and their Carterhough School of Folklore and the Fantastic it was like I had found a door which opened the way to a haven where fairies, fairytales and folklore lived and are believed. It is like a home where my silently held beliefs found companionship and could be rekindled and nourished and helped to grow and strengthen. It is a place where magic is alive and shared. Sara and Brittany have combined their scholarship with their love of folklore and bring that to their classes, blogs, and those of us who are fortunate enough to have found them and their place. Its a place where a source of enchantment is waiting to enrich the everyday world for us thru the connection. It’s a place where we can add to that side of us which knows, way down deep, that we need more of this kind of knowledge to feel completed in who we are becoming and in what we will be able to give back to others."

    Patti Austin
  • “I am so thrilled to enjoy our Carterhaugh community. You are both creating something that sparkles with genuineness and a love for sharing truth. The openness and generosity of both of you inspires this whole community.”

    Kristin Baum Film Composer
  • "I was fortunate to take both course offerings from the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic: an "An Eerie Tale to Tell" in Fall 2016 and "Long Course: The Fairy Tale" in Winter 2017. I was highly impressed by the thought and preparation they had put into each class. It's clear that their online school is a labor of love through which they can share their passion for fairy tales and folklore with the world. The video lessons are well-done, scholarly, and engaging, the readings were fascinating, and I hope to read the additional suggested readings as well. I especially enjoyed the grimoire pages that provided beautiful keepsake summaries of each lesson. I am not a beginner student in folklore and fairy tales but I learned so much in these classes and the accompanying student discussion group. Thank you for giving us the golden key to these stories! You will not be disappointed in any of the course offerings from Carterhaugh--I recommend them all!"

    Meenoo Mishra Creator of Minou Bazaar
  • “My day job is frustrating at best and has very little room for creativity or imagination or connection with like-minded humans. The course I participated in brought magic and inspiration and human connection into my world during a time of stress and uncertainty. I love stories and I love learning more about cultures and histories around the world. This course was delightful and worth every penny!”

    Genevieve Oryan
  • "The best kind of teacher is someone who is passionate about what they are teaching: not just in a scholarly sense, but a personal one. Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman both love fairy tales. They live and breathe folklore and magical tales from centuries past. However, they are also both that rare combination: someone who has both a personal passion and professional knowledge on the subject. Sara and Brittany will not only teach you about those fairy tales with which you may not be familiar, but they will help you to see new aspects of the classic fairy tales you’ve known for years. What’s more, they will explain why these tales, with their classic tropes and symbols, are still pertinent today in society and in your own personal life."

    Grace Nuth Senior Editor of Enchanted Living Magazine
  • "Folklore, the knowledge of the people, spans the globe, ranging from superstition and ritual to the Gebrüder Grimm’s collected fairy tales to rhymes and proverbs. But many of us have barely dipped our hands into this enormous treasure trove. We know a handful of wonder tales, an urban legend or two. We know Disney. That’s where Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman come in. These two experienced folklorists are ambassadors to an enchanted realm of story and song, throwing open the carved wooden doors with a generosity of spirit and a passion for the fantastic that carries you right along with them. They love what they do; as your guides, they will delightedly show you how to engage with all things folkloric—and how to see those things in the world around you. Curious about glass slippers? About witches and why we don’t step on cracks and how to entice a naga? Then treat yourself to a course (or three!) and follow Sara and Brittany through the winding, moon-silvered halls of the Carterhaugh School. You definitely won’t be disappointed."

    Shveta Thakrar Author of Star Daughter
  • “Both Sara and Brittany know folklore like they know their minds. They are exceptional teachers with a rare warmth that encourages passion. This class got me through the horror that was the 2020 Quarantine. I learned so much about the underlying truth behind each fairytale while fellowshipping with a spectacular group of like-minded people.”

    Corinne Shuford
  • “When you take a Carterhaugh class, you know you're going to get impeccable scholarship. They start with well-known versions of tales, then go WAY deeper - to earlier versions, versions from various cultures and countries. Then there are the teachers themselves - they're obviously close friends. Their rapport - the funny asides and stories they tell on each other - are what make the classes so much fun. And finally, they've developed a truly wonderful and supportive community. They have a facebook group for each class as well as a general one - the first couple of posts for a new class are like a family reunion with people catching up, and some of the tangents are just epic. They've even made t-shirts from some of the sayings! When you take a Carterhaugh class, you're not just learning about fairytales (although you are), you're also joining a very special family.”

    Amy McCune
  • "If, in childhood, you ever checked for wolves lurking behind trees; or planted "magic" seeds, then watched for a beanstalk; or rubbed Grandmother's antique brass lamp, wishing... wishing.... then, The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic is for you. Brittany and Sara expertly lead us to the gate whereby grown-ups may enter that Enchanted Realm ~ and then, literally, share with us "the Key." Beautiful and entertaining, the Long Course on The Fairy Tale fulfilled in me both the scholarly adult and the little girl still longing for enchantment. Please let me know how soon we may enroll in the next course from the Carterhaugh School."

    Connie Todd Lila
  • “These Carterhaugh classes have changed my life in such a positive way. I've been reminded of so many interests and influences that had fallen by the wayside for me in recent years. It's amazing to be able to share these interests with such a welcoming, wonderful community. The courses are approachable, thought-provoking, and earthy (in the sense of putting you in touch with your roots) and the topics and discussions always spark ideas and creativity for me. It's nice to have a class setting that's go-at-your-own-pace and low pressure. Sara and Brittany are wonderful teachers and you can really feel their passion for the material come through in every aspect of the course. I'm excited what Carterhaugh will offer next! Even when work and life are difficult, being part of this community makes my life feel a little bit more magical, and that is an amazing gift!”

    Claire Thomas
  • "I've but one disappointment in this course: that this amazing journey through the world of fairy isn't never-ending! I confess I've grown addicted to the arrival of your well-crafted magics twice each week, not to mention the stimulating discourse it triggers in the private group. When I signed up I expected interesting content, but the conversations and friendships formed through the private group page were an unexpected delight - one I'm deeply grateful for. I know you probably have a number of awesome things going on in your lives, but you've begun something genuinely magical here, and it's my hope that this is but the beginning. Were you to offer a half dozen or so long form classes each year, I'd likely take them all. At this point Carterhaugh could entice me to board any adventure they serve up, such is my trust in the quality adventure you'll deliver. This is truly a moment for fairy tales, and so many are hungry for so much more, so please, continue as our guide through the world of wonder tales - I think you'll be pleased to discover just how many will follow natural born pied pipers such as yourselves. I hope you are unfathomably proud of yourselves - you've earned it. You have truly delivered. This course shines all sparkly awesome-full. Thank you for bringing the magic."

    Laura Saba
  • "I really enjoyed taking Carterhaugh’s online class, "'An Eerie Tale to Tell': Folklore for All Hallows Eve." The class was fun, mostly because the teachers were knowledgeable but still a little bit goofy. I would say that they are wise. Not Gandalf-wise, but definitely Dumbledore-wise. I really loved that they took my questions seriously, even though I was the only kid participating in the Facebook group. My favorite lesson was the one about urban legends. It was cool to learn how urban legends are spread and to find out that the Slenderman legend was created in my lifetime."

    Nate Trotter, Age 12
  • "Every once in awhile, a mother gets the opportunity to witness her child’s world open up before her eyes, to see a spark of interest grow into a fire of insatiable curiosity. If she’s very lucky, she’ll recognize that something magical is happening, she’ll find a way to fan the flame without extinguishing the fire, and she’ll find just the right guides to encourage her child to take risks, ask questions, and chase down the flickering embers that catch his attention. This was my experience when my son and I incorporated Carterhaugh’s "An Eerie Tale: Folklore for All Hallows Eve" into our homeschool adventure. Beyond the fact that, in three short lessons, Brittany and Sara were able to spark a passion in my son’s life that is still growing months later, I was impressed by three very distinct aspects of Carterhaugh’s debut offering. First, having already explored some similarly themed online materials, all of which tended to limit instruction to just one collection or tradition, I very much appreciated the breadth and depth of each "Eerie Tale" lesson. Not only does each lesson include scholarly information that most lay-courses neglect, but the accompanying handouts act like a quietly opening door, inviting us through to continue exploring more deeply on our own. Secondly, I enjoyed the online community that they created and nurtured in the course’s private Facebook group. It truly became a space where we could interact, both with the instructors and with each other, bounce ideas, and enrich our understanding of the subject matter. Finally, I was impressed by the level of respect that all participants showed when my son put forth his own questions, despite the fact that his was the lone juvenile voice in the crowd. When my 12-year-old scholar turned to me mid-way through the course and told me, “Mom, I think I’ve found my people,” I knew we would be visiting Carterhaugh again and again."

    Jessica Freytag, Nate's Mom
  • “Brittany and Sara are masters of their craft. Not only are they both extremely knowledgeable about what they teach. They are also GOOD teachers. They are warm, friendly, and funny. They give just the right amount of work. They encourage GENTLENESS. They foster an environment of true communication and trust. I felt uplifted and held by the people in the class and I think that's the people they attract to them energetically but also the way the course is designed gives people permission to share and connect in a deeper way. Thank you for this wonderful experience. I am pretty sure the course was discounted? I would gladly pay double.”

    Emily Newhouse
  • “Carterhaugh courses feed my mind and soul, make me a better version of me.”

    Marsha A. Moore
  • “I am finishing a course called "Rapunzel's Circle: Finding Enchantment Under Quarantine" offered by Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman, who created the wildly imaginative Carterhaugh School of Fairy Tales and Folklore. Brittany and Sara are passionate and supremely knowledgeable about their chosen subject and were obviously born to flourish in Academia. I have taken so many classes over the years at several colleges and universities, but never have I had professors who with wit, natural teaching ability and a vast knowledge of their subject kept me so fascinated and eager to learn more. Indeed, I had professors who were so boring that my eyes would close and my head would drop to my chest. I can recommend these two amazing women and their challenging school without reservation. Doctor Cleto and Dr. Warman reawakened my long dormant desire to learn and I am intellectually inspired to try writing fairy tales of my own.”

    Linda M. Willson
  • “I loved Rapunzel’s Circle so much. It was the perfect blend of birds of a feather talking about a fascinating subject, thinking/learning and enjoying, and breadcrumbs for self study and taking the course material further on my own. I am so glad I signed up, and I can’t wait to see what is on offer next!”

    Jacqueline Manni

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