Want to get to know us a bit more before jumping into a full course?
We have several one-off lectures for sale (or available for FREE!) through various venues!

Lectures Available To Watch For FREE:

‘Add a Sword’ Feminism and Fairy Tales
Presented by The Cambridge Research Network for Fairy-Tale Studies

The Shirk Lecture: Unmarried Women in Fairy Tales
Presented in Honor of Patron Stacy Shirk

The Second Sage Lecture: Fairy-Tale Fashion
Presented in Honor of Patron Deborah Sage

The Tabor Lecture: The Rabbit in Folklore
Presented in Honor of Patron Ann Tabor

The Sage Lecture: Folklore and Shakespeare
Presented in Honor of Patron Deborah Sage

Ex Libris: The Witching Hour
Presented by The Providence Athenæum!

Profs & Pints Recorded Lectures For Sale:

Profs & Pints: How the Nutcracker Came to Life

Profs & Pints: The Haunted House

Profs & Pints: Labyrinth Lore

Profs & Pints: Persephone – The Goddess of Spring and the Underworld

Profs & Pints: Happily Ever After? – A Look at Fairy Tales and Love

Profs & Pints: Frightful Fairy-Tale Weddings

Profs & Pints: Folklore Strikes Back

Profs & Pints: You Better Watch Out – Terrifying Holiday Folklore

Profs & Pints: Wintery Fairy Tales

Profs & Pints: Fairy Tales of French Salons

Profs & Pints: A Summoning of Halloweens Past

Profs & Pints: Japanese Ghost Stories

Profs & Pints: Slenderman & Other Internet Folklore

Profs & Pints: Folktales of Summer Forests

Profs & Pints: Folkloric Felines

Profs & Pints: The Women of King Arthur

Other Recorded Lectures For Sale:

Into the Dark Nights: Terrors of Irish Fairylore
£5 through Magickal Women // Sorcery Sisters

Beyond the Mirror: Feminist Fairy Tales
£10 through Magickal Women // Sorcery Sisters

Chaucer to Carter: The Intersections of Folklore and Literature
£5 through The Folklore Podcast