Now that we have partnered with Teachable, we are able to offer self-guided courses!

These are courses that are available to take anytime at your own pace. They don’t have any of the interactive elements (the Facebook group, one-on-one time with your instructors, etc.) but they’re a great way to jump in to studying folklore (and see if our interactive classes might be something you’d be interested in!)

“Introduction to Fairy Tales”

Our first self-guided course is, unsurprisingly, “Introduction to Fairy Tales,” a 9-lesson course that talks about everything from Grimm to Perrault, from Jack Tales to Salon Tales!

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“Introduction to British Folklore” –

Our second self-guided course is “Introduction to British Folklore,” featuring a module on British Ballads, a module on British Fairy Tales, and a module on Arthurian Legends!

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More self-guided courses coming soon!