A Sihaya & Company Halloween Unboxing!

October 13, 2020

If you’ve been around Carterhaugh long enough, you’re probably very familiar with Sihaya & Company – basically any time we recommend any online shops Sihaya makes the list because, well, they’re AWESOME and we want everyone to know!

Recently Christina, founder and creatrix at Sihaya, asked us if we wanted to make an unboxing video featuring some of her (fabulous) Halloween products. Because we are crow girls who love Halloween AND sparkly treasures (and we know Sihaya is ALWAYS about the sparkle!), our answer was something along the lines of “OMGYESUSREALLYWOWYESYESYES!” (it was very professional.)

She was kind enough to send BOTH of us a box absolutely filled with wonders, so we hopped on Crowdcast to film a video of our live unboxing together – find it here and below!

We are such dorks (adorable dorks? Yes!)

Seriously though guys, we are PICKY (especially about candles… not all candles are created equal as we’re sure you know!) and Sihaya and Company just just delivers every single time. Of our spoilers (ALL of which were fantastic), Brittany especially loves her Hocus Pocus candle (which, yes, she is still smelling compulsively even as we type this) and the Nightingale lip color (which she is wearing right now – she loves it so much she’s contemplating placing another order for it so that she has one with her at all times!) Sara was thrilled to get a big Sisterhood of the Moon candle (it’s probably the all time favorite candle for both of us, which is really saying something!) and her Enchantress lip shine (which goes with her purple hair perfectly!)

And guess what! Christina gave us a special coupon code to offer, so you too can be dazzled by her products! Use CARTERHAUGH10 at checkout for 10% off your order until November 15th. We KNOW you won’t regret checking them out!!

Take a look at their website and tell us – which sparkly candle is tempting you??

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