Last Day to Enroll in Enchant!!

September 5, 2023

Today is the very last day to enroll in our new course, Enchant – the cart will close tonight at midnight ET! So, if you’ve been meaning to sign up…

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Enchant is HERE!!

August 22, 2023

Two BIG things happening right now!! First, our free Everyday Magic Challenge started yesterday at 12pm ET, and it’s already going SO well! The Facebook group is completely flooded with AMAZING stories,…

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Introducing The Fairylore Library!!

July 3, 2023

So… we made a thing! A FAIRYLORE thing! A FAIRYLORE LIBRARY, to be more exact. We’d apologize about the rampant capitalization, but honestly that’s just how excited we are, and…

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It’s a Conspiracy!

April 18, 2023

There are a bunch of people out there that love to claim that Shakespeare didn’t write his plays. More specifically, some people argue that he couldn’t possibly have done it. …

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