October 5, 2021


It’s pretty much our favorite time of year and, well, we tend to go a bit overboard with the decorations. This probably surprises no one! We knew we had to have a whole post dedicated to it this year though, because we have gone ALL. OUT.

Sara, as you know, recently bought a house (?!), so she was VERY excited to be able to seriously level up ALL THE DECORATIONS. When you’ve moved 10 times in as many years (yes, she has literally moved 10 times in 10 years), mostly across state lines, you get used to not having a lot of stuff… now that she has an actual attic and no moving boxes in her future, it’s go time.

This obviously starts with pumpkins. LOTS of pumpkins!

And pumpkin table runners (and Poe, because obviously)…

And glass pumpkins…

And, of course, pumpkin pillows…

And pumpkins + GIANT CAT outside!!

Brittany is sadly still a renter, so while she doesn’t have too much space to decorate, she stuffs as much as she can into that area!

She’s especially fond of that black-velvet-cat-eared pumpkin, which is somehow just the right mix of odd and adorable.

An excellent orange sparkle “snow” globe, light-up pumpkin, and Hocus Pocus candle! Definitely one of Brittany’s all-time-favorite Sihaya and Co candles.

And of course there’s a bit of magic outside Brittany’s front door too ;).

Sara also sees this from her office window:

As views go, that’s pretty darn spectacular? She wants to get another one for her porch so that they can wave hello to each other, hence providing the perfect excuse for her to go and make friends with the people who live in this condo (who are obviously awesome.)

Happy October, everyone!


  1. Tanya

    OK…spill the tea….where did you get that Poe drink coaster??!

    1. …I may have pilfered it from a restaurant in Virginia Beach called the Raven about a decade ago…

  2. Linda M Willson

    Both of you have wonderful taste in Halloween decorations (most of which are tacky.) How you girls have the energy to do all the spectacular things you do all year long is beyond me. Thanks for showing us this wonderful Halloween gorgeousness.

    Linda Willson

  3. Collette Cumella

    YOU WOMEN ROCK!!!!! I love all your pictures!! Has Brittany made a Pretty orange collier for her gargoyle cat?? Keep pics coming!!

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