Behind the Scenes: Brittany’s Office!

April 11, 2024

Hi all! We shared this video of my home office over on TikTok, and we thought you might like to see this behind-the-scenes peek too (with a few bonus pictures as well!)

My partner, Josh, and I split our bedroom into two rooms using bookcases so that I could have a dedicated little office space. Here’s a better picture of what that actually looks like –

It works well! We put up an actual room divider too so that the back isn’t too weird looking, which helps a lot! I found that room divider in an antique store outside of Columbus, I love it so much.

The resulting space is definitely small, but it works pretty perfectly for what I need!

Arabian Nights found poem artwork by Yasmine Seale, roses photography by Alyssa Thorne, fairy artwork by Amy Brown, Little Baba Yaga house ornament by The Creeping Moon, gothic arch window by Starstrung Manor!

You can spot a lot of things I love on my bulletin board… witchy unicorns, Oscar Wilde, my cats (and some bonus cats!), Vivian Leigh as Titania, Only Lovers Left Alive, Josh, Sara, my family, and so much more!

This is the top shelf of one of the bookcases – Josh calls them “The Council” 😂

I also keep some of my favorite jewelry out on one of the shelves – you can spot Parrish Relics, Bloodmilk, and Lost Star Cravt stuff!

So that’s my little tour of my office, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve love seeing pictures of other people’s office spaces too, so pop them in the comments if you feel like sharing!


  1. Valerye

    I have no idea if I’m drawn by the whimsy or the goth side of your office, but there is so much there that would feel right at home in my space! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Steve Aultman

    “Whimsigoth” is a new word, to me. I like it! And that explains a few things…

  3. Lauren Reynolds

    This is amazing Brittany! Absolutely amazing and so creative! I can tell a lot of love and heart went into this and it’s very inspiring and giving me some great ideas for how I want to design my own writing/bedroom space one I’m snake to declutter a bit more! Thanks for sharing!

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