Brittany’s Shelfies!

October 19, 2021

Last week, in our course ending celebration for our last class, “Fairy Tales and Burnout,” we asked what kinds of posts you all wanted to see… and one of the answers was overwhelmingly SHELFIES! So we are here to oblige!

If you haven’t heard the term before, a “shelfie” is basically a picture of your bookcase… and, if you’re like us, you can make a whole post full of many pictures of many bookcases because your house may someday collapse inward into itself like a dying star from their collective weight.

Today we’re going to take a look at Brittany’s bookshelves!

This part of Brittany’s first bookcase features her antique folk- and fairy-tale book collection! Her favorite is probably The Magic Casement, a collection of fairy poetry, that she found for an absolutely STEAL on eBay. The illustrations are just incredible! And yes, that is a tiny Maleficent Lego Minifigure. Journals are here too!

The rest of this bookcase is dedicated to Brittany’s favorite books… see here and more in the next picture! The Starless Sea, The Bloody Chamber, Arcadia, Palimpsest, The Last Unicorn, Waking, etc. are never far from her reach.

More favorites up here, including the Strange the Dreamer duology (this edition is so gorgeous she made a TikTok video about it!), The Rose and the Beast, and The Very Best of Charles de Lint. Art books (and unicorns) have also snuck onto this particular bookcase!

This is part of the fairies and witches section of her folklore bookcase! (If you want to know more about Rieti’s Making Witches or Harris’ Folklore and the Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction, she made IGTVs about them!)

And this is, of course, part of the biggest section on the folklore bookshelf, which is obviously all about fairy tales! … and more unicorns.

More folklore books!

Some Gothic and Fantastic books on the bottom here (they have another shelf elsewhere too, but it’s currently hidden behind a chair!) Oh! And she made an IGTV about Feminist Messages too!

Brittany actually has FOUR more bookshelves in her tiny loft apartment (one that has more Gothic/Fantastic stuff, one that has her boyfriend’s books, and two that have more fiction and TBR stuff), but she figured seven pictures was probably enough for now!

We’ll be posting Sara’s shelfies next week… and we’d love to see yours!!


  1. Holly Messick

    I love the Shelfies! As a retired librarian, I love looking at books and bookshelves wherever I see them. I really loved all the little things on the shelves with the books. My kind of bookshelves! I can’t wait to see Sara’s shelves.

  2. Stephanie Ascough

    I’m drooling over here! Thank you for sharing these pictures, Brittany. I’m going to hunt for a bunch of these titles now.

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