Come See Us LIVE in DC and NYC!

June 7, 2022

Lo these many years ago, before there was a global pandemic, we actually used to do live, in-person events. Like, on stages, in the same room as other people. And then we’d get to TALK to those people.

Wild, right?

Don’t get us wrong – we actually love being disembodied ghost heads on the computer with you. And our online courses and events definitely aren’t going anywhere. 

But it’s been 2.5 years, and we’re taking the plunge. 

If you’re in the DC or NYC areas, we’d love for you to COME SEE US IN PERSON!

On SUNDAY JUNE 12th, we’re doing a double header for Profs & Pints in DC. At 3:00PM, we’re doing a talk on Persephone: Goddess of Spring and the Underworld (you can grab your ticket here), and at 6:00PM, we’re talking about How Mad Scientists Are Made (tickets can be found here)! 

Both talks are at Bier Baron Tavern – 1523 22nd St NW, Washington, DC. 

Then, on TUESDAY JUNE 28th, we are THRILLED to invite you to Shveta Thakrar’s launch party for her second book The Dream Runners! (Her first novel, Star Daughter, was a Carterhaugh book club read, and we cannot recommend her dreamy, beautiful writing highly enough.)

The best part: we get to interview her! At the launch party! So join us in person (or virtually – a link is forthcoming, watch our Events page!) at Books of Wonder in NYC at 6:00PM to hear from this dazzling writer. 

Shveta has graciously allowed us to ask her whatever we want (she may live to regret this), and we’re turning to you. If you have any questions about writing, writing and folklore, inspiration, process, or how she got to be so cool, head to the comments section or email us to shoot us your question. We might ask it!

So, in summary: Profs and Pints in DC this weekend (Sunday June 12th) and Shveta Thakrar’s book launch in NYC on Tuesday June 28th. 

JOIN US! Seriously, we’d be so thrilled to see you in person, answer questions, and generally geek out about awesome books, Persephone, and what mad scientists even are.

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