Folklore & Resistance Roundtable

July 19, 2022

“[S]torytelling [is] a vital human strategy for sustaining a sense of agency in the face of disempowering circumstances. To reconstitute events in a story is no longer to live those events in passivity, but to actively rework them, both in dialogue with others and within one’s own imagination.”
– Michael Jackson, The Politics of Storytelling 

If we know anything, it’s that folklore – stories, community, and the fabric of everyday life – is a powerful, often untapped force. It can entertain us, connect us to each other, and even, under the right circumstances, “restore our sense of security, sanity, and sense of justice” (Jack Zipes.)

Join us on Sunday, July 24th to see how.

It’s been an awful few weeks here in the US. If you’ve felt overwhelmed, enraged, or helpless, we want you to know: you’re not alone. We’ve invited some of our favorite folklorists, academics, and creators to speak to you about how folklore can help us find meaning, resist helplessness, and take action.

We know that folklore and stories can help us persist.

The Carterhaugh School is hosting a live roundtable on “Folklore and Resistance” this coming Sunday, July 24th, at 2PM ET. This event will feature panelists Terri Windling, Dr. Jeana Jorgensen, Dr. Margaret Yocom, Daisy Ahlstone, and Maria DeBlassie, plus the two of us as moderators. Each panelist has been asked to talk for 10 minutes about folklore and resistance, broadly understood, and to offer a specific action item that everyone can do.

This event is 100% free to attend. It will also be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make the 2PM ET time!

Click here to register and get the Zoom link. We can’t wait to see you there!


  1. Carrie

    hi 🙂 Is the Folklore & Resistance discussion still on? I reserved my “seat” last week, and again just a second ago, but I haven’t received a zoom link…

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