Growing Your Dream and Finding Your People

December 8, 2020

Sara had never met Lindsey Márton O’Brien in real life when she messaged her one day back in 2015, asking Sara for her address. (Not in a serial killer way – in a lovely, normal person way.) Lindsey was cleaning out her closet, and she had a bunch of pieces that she thought Sara would like – did she want them?

And so it was that a bundle of black and white lace ended up on Sara’s doorstep. Also, a bunch of lovely cards featuring her own original art. And a sweet, handwritten letter. Sara still wears all the garments Lindsey sent her, because, of course, they fit perfectly.

Brittany had never met her in person at that point either, but right around the same time, she asked Lindsey about a tattoo commission (okay, she’d also definitely Facebook stalked her before that, thinking OMG this girl is so cool and also she likes METAL and omgIwannabefriendssobad!) When she got in touch with a ridiculous, hastily cobbled together Photoshop collage saying “I want something like this?!?” Lindsey understood her immediately. She was instantly like “I LOVE IT, I totally understand what you mean, I’d love to do it!”

(Brittany hasn’t gotten the tattoo yet, even though it was supposed to be emblematic of graduate school, but OH LOOK HOW PRETTY AND PERFECT THE DESIGN IS.) 

This is 100% emblematic of the kind of person that Lindsey is – thoughtful and generous while making it all look effortless. Able to listen to vague ideas and make them real (and even better than you’d ever imagined.) She’s the kind of person that you definitely want on your team.

If you’ve been around Carterhaugh for a while, you know that we do everything ourselves. We’ve had some (wonderful) guest speakers over the years, but the actual business stuff? We do it all. (Except for our taxes, because even our control freak-ish tendencies don’t go that far.) 

This means we’ve learned how to do all kinds of things we never imagined in our wildest dreams. Accounting. Automation software. Project management software. (Sexy, right?)

But Carterhaugh is growing. And for it to keep growing, we have to grow, too. Part of that involves unclenching our hands and learning to delegate. Which is admittedly really scary for us! But we know that to keep serving you, to keep nurturing the wild fairy-tale dream of Carterhaugh, we can’t carry on solo.

Our dream is too big, and you’re too important for that.

Enter Lindsey.

Photo taken by Julie Miller –

You might already know her from the gorgeous body art workshop she gave for our Haunted Halloween Extravaganza or from the live support she provided during Spellcraft, our writing workshop. Or you might know her from her own incredible business venture Lumina Noctis. (If you ever need a graphic designer, photographer, or website designer, seriously, just hire her. Her work is phenomenal.)

This multi-talented powerhouse is officially joining us as a part-time virtual assistant, so don’t be surprised if she answers an email or an Insta DM!

You (and we) are in good hands with her! We know because we’ve seen her shine in so many different roles… and because she does things like send packages to near-strangers, just because she knows it will brighten their day. 

So please join us in welcoming Lindsey, our magical dragon friend and new team member! We couldn’t be happier to have her on board.


  1. Lauren E Reynolds

    This wonderful story of friendship immediately made me think of me and Krystal, one of my closest friends. We connected through Fanfiction in college, reconnected years later and have been sharing stories, phone calls and clothes every since. every time she sends ma gorgeous lacy and velvet concoction that doesn’t fit her anymore I fall in love in exchange I send her my Jewelry that i don’t wear anymore and we’ll talk for hours about our families, lives, jobs, stories we’re working on and of course anime! It’s truly incredible how the internet has been able to unite so many people around the world who would never have met otherwise and remind us all we are not alone 🙂

  2. Linda M Willson

    Congratulations for asking Lindsay to join you on your many creative projects. I am relieved that you will have some help because without it, burnout may not be far behind. You both are such talented women, having another talented woman join you can only be a plus. Please have a magic Christmas time and enjoy the wonder of it all.

    Love, Linda who will begin decorating her tree this very day.

  3. Jody Helme-Day

    People that like fantasy, folklore, and metal are the best. And, you definitely need to get that tattoo–it is gorgeous!

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