Introducing The Fairylore Library!!

July 3, 2023

So… we made a thing! A FAIRYLORE thing!

A FAIRYLORE LIBRARY, to be more exact.

We’d apologize about the rampant capitalization, but honestly that’s just how excited we are, and how excited you will be too, once you get your library card. (Of course we made library cards, we are nothing if not constitutionally extra in our pursuit of folklore.)

Because we’ve never said “Hey! We made a LIBRARY, come and get it!” before, you might have a few questions for us.

We’ve been studying fairylore for over a decade now, and we’ve pulled together some of our favorites materials and resources to create the foundation of this digital library. More specifically, at the moment, there are 7 video lectures (totaling about 300 minutes of content) and 5 PDFs, ranging on topics from an introduction to what fairylore is to fairies in The Picture of Dorian Gray to a delightful and macabre romp through some of our favorite scary Irish fairies. These materials are pulled from previous courses, dissertation research, and presentations we made for organizations like The American Folklore Society and The Magickal Women conference.

The best part? This library will grow – we plan to add to it a few times a year. If you join now, you get lifetime access (so, as long as the library exists, you get everything in it), including all the updates, for no additional cost.

So click here go forth and get your library card! It’s profoundly adorable, if we say so ourselves!

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email! See you in the library!

P.S. The library doors are only going to be open this round until midnight on Monday, July 10th, so get in while you can!

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