On Bodily Autonomy

May 10, 2022

Stories can change the world. And they also tell us about the world we live in now.

We believe, profoundly, in the power of stories.

But you know what else we believe in?

Bodily autonomy. 

The stories that people tell about this matter.

Take the time to read the intensely personal stories flooding the Internet in recent days. We know that they can be hard to read, but you should do it anyway. Read about what the things that actual human beings have been forced to go through, the trauma they’ve had to deal with. Read about the incredible loss and pain. Read about how crucial choices can be. Read about the way things were before 1973. Don’t look away.

Don’t look away from the stories being constructed as justifications for rolling back an actual human right either. Many of these stories are wildly revealing about the actual motivations behind such moves. They are stories rooted in willful ignorance, extraordinary entitlement, and profound misogyny. They are stories based in a worldview that does not respect women. Or trans and nonbinary people.

Here’s another story. A true one. 

Abortion is a human right. Women – and all people – have the right to decide what happens to their bodies. They get to decide how many children they have and when. They deserve medical care that actually prioritizes their own health – their own lives – instead of treating it as an inconvenient afterthought.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t come to Carterhaugh for politics! I come here for fairy tales!” then guess what: we’d much rather be writing about fairy tales! We are furious that we have to spend any time or energy on this – it is 2022, and it is absurd that losing a human right is on the table. 

And guess what else? Women, including us, require control over our own bodies to live the lives we want and choose. To make the difference – the magic – that we want to make in the world. 

To pretend otherwise is unacceptable and inhumane. 

We invite you to find a way to tell, and make, your own story this week. Call or email your representatives. Go to a protest. Make art. Make your own beautiful, fierce magic.

Much love to you all,


P.S. We will absolutely not be debating any of this via email or online. It is not open to debate.


  1. Jody

    I know women I dearly love who have had abortions, and while it was not an easy choice, it was THEIR choice to make. All women deserve that choice.
    I applaud this post. Thank you for speaking out.

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