Our Witch Courses Are BACK!

March 14, 2023

Huge announcement!!

We’re un-vaulting our two witch courses: Seeking the Witch and Witches in Folklore and Literature this week! They’re both AWESOME but very different – you can read more about them here and here. They’re also self-guided and extremely discounted (AND you can get BOTH for an even bigger discount, plus bonuses, if you click here!

Enrollment ends next Monday (March 20th) at midnight ET.

So why are we doing this?

We’ve been at this Carterhaugh thing for a while now – almost 7 years?! And we’ve taught SO MANY courses in that time. A couple dozen, believe it or not.

Some of you have been with us since the beginning. The other day, we were emailing with our fabulous student Carolyn, who was in our first real course, Introduction to Fairy Tales, all the way back in 2017!

But many of you found us in 2020, when we were all losing our minds and frantically connecting online and trying to figure out whether our sourdough starters were rogue science experiments or genuinely edible.

Or maybe you found us last week. In which case, hi! Welcome!

So most of you weren’t around when we taught Gothic Fairy Tales or Monstrous Women. Even fewer of you were here when we taught Seeking the Witch and Witches in Folklore and Literature, fine vintage courses from 2017 and 2019!

And since we’ve never repeated a course, that means most of you are missing out on some seriously excellent materials. On courses that we put our hearts and souls into, that our students have raved about, and that are pretty much bursting at the seams from how much research we crammed into them.

We want you to be able to access this stuff. It’s good, it’s important, and you deserve to have affordable options for learning about folklore.

That’s why we started Carterhaugh – because we love teaching folklore, because folklore is important, and because excellent folklore education needs to be more widely available to more people, for less than the price of a university degree.

So our plan is to make our previously taught courses available more often.

We want to bring you MOAR FOLKLORE. That’s the plan.

And first up? WITCHES. You can read more and sign up for Seeking the Witch hereWitches in Folklore and Literature here, or buy both at an even bigger discount PLUS a brand-new bonus video AND 12 brand-new bonus grimoire pages! (They’re so pretty! And include even more of our favorite witchy resources, plus a gorgeous way to take notes.)

We’re so excited!!

P.S. Already have these two witchy courses? Shoot us an email (theprofs -at- carterhaughschool dot com), and we’ll let you know how to get the bonus content!

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