Rapunzel’s Mix Tape: 10 Songs from the Tower

June 23, 2020

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here, it’s HERE!

As you may have seen in our (super SUPER excited) email yesterday, “Rapunzel’s Circle II: Through the Thorns” is now open for enrollment and will begin on June 29th!!

We’re so very excited to open up the circle up again – it seriously was one of the most rewarding and wonderful things we’ve ever done (and our most popular offering ever!)

In case you missed the first round, our Rapunzel’s Circle offerings are community-driven journeys through traditional stories that show the direct relevance of fairy-tale study and folklore to your life, right now, in 2020. Over four weeks, we read, study, quest, and bespell together. We discover how these tales can help us see other people and our own experiences in a new light. We use them to inspire creativity, increase resilience, and see the magic in the margins. And yes, you can absolutely join round two if you missed round one!

One of the most unexpectedly beloved bonuses that we gave the Circle I group (and yes, we give all kinds of surprise, exclusive bonuses that don’t even get mentioned on the sales page!) was the official “Rapunzel’s Circle Mix” playlist. People loved having an especially curated song collection to go with the lessons (and we loved making it!) It was designed to be a musical journey through the stories and quests of the course. We’re obviously making a full “Rapunzel’s Circle II Mix” playlist just for Circle II members, but we thought we’d give everyone a taste of what those playlists are like!

In this “Rapunzel’s Circle Sampler” playlist, free for everyone, we put five songs from the “Rapunzel’s Circle I Mix” playlist and then five songs from the upcoming “Rapunzel’s Circle II Mix” playlist. Those final five songs might even give you a hint to some of the themes we’ll be exploring in “Rapunzel’s Circle II”!

Please find the Spotify playlist here if you’d like to listen!

(Do note, however, that the Florence + the Machine song “Light of Love” and the Mystic song “Beautiful Resistance” both contain explicit lyrics!)

What are YOU picking up from this list of songs? What do they make you feel? Like us know via e-mail or a message in the comments!

P.S. Also! There’s still a few hours left to get the EARLY BIRD pricing for “Rapunzel’s Circle II”! Tonight at midnight the price goes up by $50, so get in on this awesomeness ASAP – click here to register now!

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