Sara’s Shelfies!

November 2, 2021

I’ve moved nine times in the last eleven years. About half of those moves were across state lines. 

An unexpected byproduct of all those moves? With the exception of one trusty IKEA bookshelf, all my other bookshelves bit the dust. By move 6 or so, most of my books just lived in those giant cardboard moving boxes, because there was nowhere to put them, and also I knew I’d just have to re-pack everything ridiculously soon.

And then my husband Jared and I bought a house a year ago, and we could finally unpack without cringing. 

The first thing we bought? BOOKSHELVES. 

I promised myself I would get the ridiculous Gothic bookshelf of my dreams for my office. Between accommodating the height of the ceiling (normal, not Actual Cathedral) and getting something that could feasible get up the stairs to the second floor, this is what happened:

Pretty sure it was intended for fancy dishes. Pretty sure my use is better. Those wooden doors under the glass open onto more shelves, which are also BURSTING with more books.

Here are a few closeups of some of the shelves:

Graphic novels, Froud, miscellaneous Japanese folklore, some of my favorite folklore and fairy-tale scholarship…

Stack of art books, more fairy tales, and other assorted giant books.

Why did I shelve poor Keats upside down??

And here are a few bonus pictures from the bookshelves downstairs, which mostly hold cookbooks and DVDs:

And here’s one of the anime shelves:

Here’s a peek with the doors open:

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of my shelves!


  1. Kathleen Schwab

    Every time I see one of those antique china cabinets I think what a great bookshelf it would be.

  2. Holly Messick

    Oooh! I love your bookcase and the shelfies! It’s so fun to see other peoples bookshelves! Whenever I see people on television doing interviews or reports from their homes via computer, and they have bookshelves behind them, I am always trying to see the titles of the books they have. I don’t care what they are saying, I just want to know what they’re reading.
    Thanks to you and Brittney for sharing your shelfies!

  3. Jennifer Smith

    I love the idea of repurposing a china cabinet as a bookshelf. Thank you for sharing your “shelfies.”

  4. Muffet Jones

    Love the Gothic cabinet – is that a thrift store find or is there a shop??

  5. Connie Todd Lila

    Perfect use of that gorgeous cabinet! Both piece and library displayed to perfection. I could browse through your library for days. . .

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