Tosho-Con Presentation and A Useful Resources Link

August 17, 2017

Hello all! Our Legends course is in full swing, and we’re so enjoying sharing this new kind of folklore with so many of you! We’ve been talking about fairies, selkies, vampires, ghosts, urban legends, and more, so let us know if you’re sorry to have missed out and we’ll consider doing this course again soon!

Two brief things to share today!

  • First, if you happen to be in the area, we’ll be doing a special guest lecture for the 2017 Tosho-Con at the Emerson R. Miller Licking County Library in Newark, Ohio! We’ll be doing a talk entitled “Folklore in Japanese Anime” and discussing both the wonderful traditional Japanese folklore called upon in these shows and the new and exciting uses of Western fairy tales in the genre.

  • Second, we wanted to share this excellent, *excellent* resource list for “critically engaged educators” compiled by the editors of the Journal of Folklore and Education. As they put it, “the field of folklore offers tools, strategies, and resources to help educators understand how culture influences ways of learning; creates and strengthens communities; and expresses itself in our schools, universities, museums, and community organizations.” They “were developing [this] list of resources for the September publication” but “current events dictated that [they] share them now” and it’s a fantastic resource to have on hand. The entire September 2017 issue of the Journal will be posted on this website for free for the first week of September as well, so keep this page bookmarked ! #beautifulresistance

Thanks for reading! As an early FYI, information and registration links should be up for our in-depth, shorter course on “Witches in Folklore and Literature” very soon!

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