Want a Cozy Gothic Solstice? We do!

December 13, 2022

The Gothic is an atmosphere. A shiver running down your spine, a stormy sky, a tattered but soft burgundy rug before a roaring hearth. Fairy-tale author Angela Carter once summed up the Gothic as “dread glamor,” and we understand it as the folkloric past returning to haunt the present.

To set the stage for our own Gothic Solstice celebration (you’re invited! click this link for tickets!), we thought we’d share some of the ways that we make our own homes feel both cozy and Gothic for the season. We wound up loving this list so much that we made it into a beautiful PDF of tips so that you can transform your space into your own enchanted gloomth (<– the word Gothic writer Horace Walpole coined to describe the eerie and melancholy but enchanted ambiance of his Gothic fairy-tale castle, Strawberry Hill) too!

Curious? Click the button below to get the PDF!

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