You’re Magic Even When You Feel Terrible

April 6, 2021

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Do you ever have those days where you just feel totally flattened? Like you’ve been run over by a chariot, a steam engine, and a bus?

It can be physical, emotional, or a bit of both, but either way, you’re on your butt and need a minute (or, you know, several days) to get back up?

On Saturday, both of us won the metaphorical 2021 lottery and got our second Covid-19 shots. We want to preface everything by saying that we’re so incredibly lucky and grateful to get them. We feel so much safer already just having them… and getting the vaccine means we’re starting to tentatively plan seeing each other for the first time in over a year.

*cue the confetti!!!!*

But we’re not gonna lie. The side effects hit us like a chariot-train-bus. 

We both woke up in the wee hours of Sunday morning feeling absolutely wretched. We somehow managed to fill the entire bingo sheet of possible side effects: muscle aches all over, pain at the injection site, chills, fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, the whole nine yards. Brittany even has “Covid Arm,” that uncommon, unsightly red rash spreading out from the injection site that’s super swollen (it’s like a rock!), sore, and hot to the touch (it can also be super itchy, but she hasn’t experienced that yet… she’s really really hopeful she avoids that bit.)

And while all these fun effects were settling in, our email service provider malfunctioned spectacularly, and that’s causing no end of issues and hair pulling.

It has NOT been a fun few days.


This happens to everyone. You get sick, tech fails, there are painful moments, misunderstandings, and just plain rotten, terrible, no-good-very-bad days. Life can feel like it sucks sometimes, we know. 

But we also know that, despite all that, there are still ways to latch on to a tiny bit of magic to help get you through. 

We’ve both been relying heavily on the following things –

Tea –

We’re convinced tea is an enchanted concoction that somehow became a mainstream item in this too-often-too-mundane world. There’s nothing quite so comforting as a warm drink of sweet-smelling tea when you feel like you want to scream at everything.

Sara’s Current Favorite: Twinings English Breakfast
Brittany’s Current Favorite: Twinings Chai Ultra Spice

Heating Pads –

(Cats are also excellent heating pads.)

Another magical item for which we are forever grateful… electric or microwave-heated, these can be the difference that gets you through the worst chills. We’ve both been living under them for the last few days.

We both really like these: Bed Buddy Comfort Wraps
(Sara turned Brittany onto them, and they are seriously THE BEST.)

Showers/Baths –

Sara’s a shower fan, Brittany loves baths, but both are perfect aids for when you’re feeling terrible. Stand under the shower head or sink under the surface for an all-over restoration. It’s almost like casting a healing spell.

Meditate –

We love to read (obviously), but sometimes when you’re feeling awful you just can’t even focus on a book or screen, so we listened to a few guided meditations instead. We’ve mentioned the “Insight Timer” app on here before, but it’s truly fantastic (and FREE.) There’s something about connecting to your deepest consciousness that will always feel a little magical to us.

Stretching/Yoga –

Probably not this, but you do you?

If you can manage it, stretching, or light yoga, really helps with aches and soreness AND makes you feel a lot better in general. Brittany typically hates exercise, but likes to imagine she’s training in some Doctor-Strange-like magic motions when she’s doing stretches, which makes it MUCH more fun.

(Like so.)

We also love following along with the “Yoga with AJ” and “Yoga with Adrienne” videos on YouTube (also FREE!)

So what do you do when you’re feeling absolutely awful? How do you sneak a little magic back into the worst of days?


  1. Linda M Willson

    Dear Sara and Brittany:
    I am so sorry that you have both got the dreadful side effects after the second shot. It sounds terrifying! I had no side effects after the second shot, but the first gave me muscle aches, headache, malaise and worst of all, I would fall asleep and not wake up for hours. If I were still working, I don’t know what I would have done. The sleep business went on for three days. I was grateful for the sleep, but it confused the cats. All of your hints are helpful, but heat was especially good for me. And take the strongest painkiller you have in the house–why suffer? Overwork may play some part in all this; you two work harder than anyone I know. I shall see you at the Museum!

  2. Yvonne

    Hi to you both,
    Sorry to hear you have been suffering after your Covid shots, I hope you are both well and back to normal now.
    I was luckier in that I just got extra tired for a couple of days from both and an achy arm for a few days after the 2nd one.
    Its hard to tell exactly as I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anaemia, asthma and a heart condition as well as other stuff but I like keeping busy and learning and studying so much and it will hopefully keep me awake.
    I am actually a Medium and practise lots of different things within readings etc and have also become interested in Wicca, witches etc as well. Unfortunately, I lost my hubby in 2020, so live on my own now so I am able to have the time to do what I want to do and study. I am also a reiki master teacher and angelic reiki master teacher.
    So looking forward to looking into writing spells, and anything else in this genre.
    Love from Yvonne xx

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