A Day of Perfect Liminality

December 21, 2021

”In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”
– William Blake, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”

Today is the Winter Solstice.

A day of perfect liminality, balanced on the knife-edge of the year.

It’s the shortest day, the darkest day. But from here on out, we’re walking into the light. Even as we enter winter and the days get colder, it will get brighter.

And that’s ultimately what the winter solstice is about, at least to us – it means many different things to different people, and that’s awesome.

But, to us, it’s about this moment on the threshold of darkness and light, fall and winter, tipping over into the next season. A chance to pause and take a breath, here in this deep moment of transition and possibility.

This season can be so chaotic. Many of you are driving a billion hours or packed into planes like festive sardines or frantically vacuuming up several months of cat hair before the Holiday Hosting Marathon begins. You might feel pulled in too many directions (“butter scraped over too much bread”) or you might feel lonely, isolated, or just…weird because of continuing pandemic-ness.

Or you might already be gloriously happy and in your festive ZONE.

All of these things are ok. And, wherever you are, however you’re feeling, we hope you take a moment today to catch your breath. To pause. To enjoy, as Blake would say, this day of profound darkness and change.

Savor a book or light a candle.

Sit by the fire or tell a story.


Happy Solstice, friend.

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