Behind the Scenes: Sara’s Office!

April 23, 2024

We shared a peak at Brittany’s office a few weeks ago, so we had to share a video and some snaps of Sara’s too!

This is the view from the doorway! Note the antique chair and the tiny table + beanbag chair combo. Very sophisticated. (Also Brittany covets that cat tote.) The antique chair is actually a relic from scavenging thrift stores when we were wee baby grad students in Ohio – it was one of the first pieces of furniture in our shared apartment, back when we were roommates! The bean bag chair was mandated by my physical therapist.

I keep my “creepy” doll art in here so as not to traumatize unsuspecting visitors (or my husband) 😁

How gorgeous is this lamp?? In the background, you can also see a print from Chagford, UK, an antique library print, a card my mom made for me when I got my PhD, and a lot more!

Our dear friend Grace Nuth made the beautiful owl bride painting!

My desk, which belonged to my grandfather! It’s full of legit hidden compartments. Brittany made the little embroidered owl picture, and fabulous Carterhaugh regular Deborah Sage wrote the framed poem on the wall. You can also see the incredible Sally Rosen Kindred‘s poetry chapbook, Says the Forest to the Girl! Sally is another Carterhaugh regular – y’all are all over my office!

You can spot lots of bits and pieces I’ve collected during travels. The neon cat picture is from Nara, the origami is from Osaka, sculptures are from New Orleans, and the fan is from Barcelona. Just about everything else is a gift from loved ones. You can also see the tiny Gideon Nav miniature that my husband painted for me! (And, uh, the extremely sophisticated painting in the upper right corner? I painted that in an OSU-sponsored grad student “de-stressing” event, where we painted and drank wine. It is my vision of Brittany and I running across the parp.)

And then, of course, there’s my ginormous bookcase (+ “Apartment Pig” on top!)

Sadly the glare makes it so that you can’t really make out our other dear friend (and former VA fairy!) Lindsey Marton O’Brien‘s beautiful owl painting here, but you CAN see the whole thing over on my website!

We hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes tour!! Again, we’d love to see pictures of your office spaces too!


  1. Lauren Reynolds

    This is SO stinking cool Sara! I love the owls and the litt bits and bobs all about ^^ my writing desk (currently doubling as out kitchen table) was also my Grandpa’s desk once upotn a time and before that it was his family’s kitchen table…I always write best when I’m sitting there ^^

  2. Bronwyn

    Please please please tell us where we could find that fairy tale silhouette print you have on the wall? It looks like it must be a Beauty & the Beast illustration?

  3. Sophie

    I have the exact same desk – from my grandmother…. My aunt has the same bookcase……

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