Dark Academia is Open for Enrollment!!

November 28, 2023

Okay, you knew it was coming eventually… and if you’re on our email list or following us on social media, you already know… but we have finally committed. 


You can read all about it here, but it’s going to be extremely brooding, intellectual AF, and, hopefully, pretty hilarious.

Now, some of you might remember that we have some… issues with the entire concept of “dark academia” (read this old blog post for more!) In fact, we actually made up our whole OWN aesthetic inspired by it, but more whimsical and witchy, called WITCH-FAERIE ACADEMIA!!

We even made TWO playlists devoted to it, and since they’re both kind of the epitome of our own take on Dark Academia, we had HAD to share them again with you this week.

They’re two of our very best playlists, if we do say so ourselves!

So here again is the first one…

And here’s the second one, entirely instrumental and obviously perfect for studying ancient magic tomes and dancing around your fireplace…

So good. So sparkly darkness™.

We’re obviously going to unpack all of the things that bother us about Dark Academia in the course (including the use of the word “dark”), so you’re definitely going to want to get in on that for all the juicy gossip and history and issues behind all those tortured sweater-boys contemplating Greek statues. If you have a similar love/hate relationship to that world, you’re absolutely not going to want to miss this.

P.S. Oh! One last thing! Our early bird price ends TONIGHT at midnight ET!!

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