Enchant is HERE!!

August 22, 2023

Two BIG things happening right now!!

First, our free Everyday Magic Challenge started yesterday at 12pm ET, and it’s already going SO well! The Facebook group is completely flooded with AMAZING stories, insight, and community. It’s completely free, and you can still sign up right here if you desire!

Second, at long last, our brand new course, Enchant, is open for enrollment!!! We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for like 4 years now, it’s the biggest, most jam-packed course we’ve ever done, and we’re SO EXCITED!!

Once upon a time, there was a girl who knew just how powerful she was. A girl who felt her worthiness in her bones, her magic in her fingertips.

Sounds almost impossible, right? That’s not the fairy tale we’re taught.

Instead, we get, “Once upon a time, there was a girl who was cursed. A girl who was beautiful. A girl who was good.”

If the girls are good enough, if they suffer enough – sleep quietly long enough, smile enough, are patient enough – they win the grand prize! Which is, apparently, to be the object of a hero’s quest and to never go on a journey of their own.

But that’s only one way of telling the story.

There are as many tales and ways of telling them as there are stars in the sky. What’s your star? What will your story be?

Welcome to Enchant, an empowering five-week course that uses fairy tales, folklore, and a dash of science to help you unlock the magic that can exist in your everyday life.

You deserve good things. Beauty. Magic. Confidence, kindness, and care. Ways to fight burnout and feel at home in your own skin. You deserve an enchanted life.

And guess what? You’re already good enough. Already worthy. Already magic. If you don’t see it already, Enchant will help you remember.

If you’ve been feeling burned out, emotionally exhausted, and like your spark has dimmed…

If you’re struggling to carve out time to tend to your own needs…

If you want to feel lit up, energized, and powerful, all by unlocking the power of fairy tales and folklore…

Enchant is for you.

We cannot WAIT to get started!!

More soon (but the early bird price is only up until this Friday at midnight ET, so we wanted to be sure to post about it here asap!)

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