Last Chance for the Fairy-Tale Course, an Interview with Us, and a Special Guest Lecture!

January 12, 2017

Hello all! Just a few things to draw your attention to today!

First, please note that Sunday, January 15th at midnight is your absolute last chance to sign up for our first long course on the The Fairy Tale! We have been blown away by the positive response and can’t wait to get started – this first long course is going to be extra special (and even include bonus snail mail!), so please join us! All of the details about the course can be found here!

Make your Friday the 13th lucky by signing up! :).

Secondly, we are honored to say that we were interviewed by the amazing Gypsy Thornton for Once Upon a Blog!! We’ve both been huge fans of her site for a long time and highly, highly recommend you check it out. Her interview with us really explains what we’re trying to do with the course and has been posted in four parts – part one, part two, part three, and part four. Thank you so much to Gypsy and her wonderful readers!!

Lastly, we are so excited to announce that the long course on The Fairy Tale will feature a special guest lecture by the enchanting Shveta Thakrar!! Shveta is a writer of South Asian–flavored fantasy, social justice activist, part-time nagini, and our dear friend. She will be talking about the Indian tale “Ganga and Shantanu” as part of our lesson on Beastly Bride tales.

Looking forward to working with many of you very, very soon!!
~ Sara and Brittany

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