Two Announcements!

November 8, 2023

Announcement The First:

If you were a part of our big Enchant course a while ago, you already know about these, but now we can officially make them available to everyone! We made JOURNALS!! And they’re IN PRINT!!

We designed this journal to give you the maximum burst of magic in the quickest way possible! There are no expectations here, aside from the hope that you use these questions to set your intention for creating magic every day.

Each page has one of five main prompts to get you thinking about ordinary enchantment. There are also spaces to note your mood and write your “6 impossible things,” where we ask you to try to come up with six marvelous, strange, and wonderful ideas (a nod to Alice, of course!) It’s the perfect way to get your creative wheels turning.

There was a LOT of trial and error in creating these (Brittany currently has five, yes FIVE, proofs that were not quite perfect), but we’re SO proud of the final result. We really think these will be a helpful and fun way to inject a little magic into your world.

You can get your own copy by clicking here!

Announcement The Second:

Did you know that we have a TikTok account? We do!! Here’s a video of Sara in Japan eating a black egg that’s supposed to add seven years to your life –


Sara at Mt. Hakone – eating one of the black eggs cooked there is said to add seven years to your life! #mthakone #hakonejapan #hakonemachi #hakoneblackegg #folklore #folkbelief #hakoneblackeggs #jigokudani #kurotamago

♬ original sound – The Carterhaugh School

Yep, we’re super hip like the kids nowadays. Mostly we’ve been posting there very, very sporadically up until now, but we’ve joined a challenge that’s asking us to post at least once a DAY for the rest of November. We’re fairly sure it’s going to be unhinged, but please do follow us over there if you have an account! Meenoo will probably re-post some of them to Instagram and Facebook and such, but mainly they’re going to be over there.

We’ve totally got this, right? Right.

Happy November!!

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