It’s the LAST WEEK of our 5 Weeks of Halloween!!

October 30, 2023

Did you know that we used to carve turnips and beets before we carved pumpkins?

Do you love the concept of liminality – being betwixt and between, on a threshold, at the point of transition?

Are you a linguistic nerd who loves to know how language and culture changes over time and who wants to know what this stuff can teach us about the connections between Halloween as we know it now and older festivals like Samhain?


Then our Halloween mini course – our last offering for the five weeks of Halloween – is TOTALLY going to be your jam!

(Scroll down to Week 5 to grab it!)

It’s broken down into four videos, each around 20 minutes. Plus you get a grimoire page and a further reading page! Click through to learn all about:

  1. Samhain Connections and Halloween Traditions
  2. Ghost Legends (basically, the theory of how ghosts work)
  3. Ghost Stories (the actual stories)
  4. Legend Tripping

If you love Halloween, you will love this – it’s also an AWESOME way to spend Halloween evening while waiting for trick or treaters (that’s why we saved it for last!)

Also? It’s only $47, and we’re including versions of each of the videos with subtitles!

Remember that is the last week to sign up for any of the goodness in our 5 Weeks of Halloween extravaganza. We’d been saying that we were going to take everything down tomorrow at midnight, but a little goblin helped us realize that that wasn’t quite fair because it’s not 5 whole weeks, so everything is staying up until THIS FRIDAY, November 3rd, at midnight ET instead. But then it’s really going to be gone!

As a quick reminder, you can currently get:

A FREE lecture on Haunted Houses (FREE!)
Our Gothic Fairy Tales course at a huge discount (only $147!)
A talk on Japanese Ghost Stories (just $7!)
Our Haunted Art course at a huge discount (also only $147!)
Our Halloween mini course (just $47!)

You get access to everything as soon as you sign up. No waiting for lessons to drop – you can binge everything in one go if you like or savor it all year long.

And don’t forget – every time you register for one of the above (yes, even the free Haunted House talk, and, yes, even the secret bonus Gothic Realms course that you’ll find if you sign up for Gothic Fairy Tales or Haunted Art!), you will be entered to win our HALLOWEEN PRIZE: a hardcopy of our series The Real History of Dracula and its accompanying guidebook!

It’s usually priced at $219.95 by Wondrium/ The Great Courses. And we’re giving a copy away for free! We had so much fun writing and filming that series – it was an absolutely wild experience which involved learning to work with teleprompters, multiple cameras, and a whole team of incredible people in an honest-to-god filming studio. Absolutely surreal. And we’re so proud of what we made! You can check it out (and stream it with a free trial here), but come on, you know you want a hard copy (with a few other Halloween goodies packed in of course!)

Happy Almost Halloween!

P.S. Everything is now UNLOCKED for our 5 Weeks of Halloween and will remain up until Friday, November 3rd, at midnight ET before everything vanishes like ghosts in the night. Grab all your Halloween-y goodness now by clicking here!

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