Urban Enchantment Series: Hex, Washington DC

September 3, 2019

It’s no secret that we love Urban Magic. Don’t get us wrong, we love and respect the magic of the natural world too – as we write this post, we’re gazing out a picture window at a stunning view of a lake shimmering in the sunset, framed by towering pines and maples, and it is perfection. But there’s something about stumbling upon a weird little jewel of a place with a stone floor, awash in candlelight, fairy tales splashed across the walls…

In this ongoing series, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of our favorite magical urban haunts: stores and bars, theaters and restaurants, any establishment that has created an enchanted space between its walls and invited us in from the everyday to dwell in its magic.

We’ll begin with Hex, a witch-themed bar in DC.

Imagine walking into a regular bar, awash with signs advertising beer in the low, mellow light. Instead of taking a seat at the counter, you turn your head and see a long, narrow set of stairs leading into the dark. You see a glimmer of a mirror in the distance, so you begin to climb. 

This is Hex, a slice of witchy paradise tucked away atop a nice, completely normal watering hole.

The space is thoughtfully decorated, from the tarot-card tabletops to the candles strewn over most flat surfaces.

Hex only seats about 35 people, and the short bar, small tables, and seating in dramatic chairs create an intimate atmosphere. Every time we’ve been, we’ve managed to commandeer the sofa next to the cat with the glowing, red eyes.

Some of the decorating definitely veers into camp, but that’s an aesthetic we can whole-heartedly embrace. Particularly when it results in unicorn decor.

If you find yourself in the DC area, do yourself a favor, settle into Hex’s multi-colored, luminescent gloom and order one of their spectacular cocktails. Sara is partial to the Queen of Pentacles, and Brittany loves the Changeling.


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