When Dreams Come True: Our Weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival + A NEW COURSE!

September 10, 2019

Picture this – many years ago, in Atlanta, GA, a small girl with wild curly hair dresses up in a princess costume and goes to her first Ren Faire. Her eyes are bright with wonder and excitement, and she thinks… ‘When I grow up, I’m going to be a PROFESSIONAL FAIRY PRINCESS!’

Now picture this – also many years ago, this time in Sarasota, FL, another small girl – this one with big blue eyes – gets handed a flower by a knave dressed in his finest garb, a twinkle in his eye. She stares at him beneath the brand new tiara she’s just bought and thinks… ‘Someday I want to do this too!’

We are so excited to report that these dreams actually came true this past weekend! We were so honored to be invited to do two talks at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, one on “King Arthur” and one on the creatures of Harry Potter! And honestly? There is no way to even describe how much fun we had!!



Observe our ridiculously delighted faces!

The stage was AN ACTUAL CASTLE. WHAT!?!? (A mercifully shady castle! Surrounded by lovely, leafy trees.)

And… our talks went SO WELL! There were so many people we thought we might faint.

We were worried that people might think it was a bit strange to go to a lecture in the middle of a festival, but everyone was so up for it. Thank you so much to everyone who came, especially those of you who asked questions either during or after – you are all amazing!!

After that, we got to explore the festival… and may have bought wayyyy too many awesome things :P. We have no regrets.

[Like this little girl :P.]

But we also got to see/meet some of the kindest, most fabulous people in the world! Shout out in particular to the Odom family of the *gorgeous* Mythical Designs – Shane, Leah, and Ellawyn – for being so enthusiastic, giving us an amazing behind the scenes tour, introducing us to so many people, being wonderful conversationalists, and promoting Carterhaugh!! Thank you too to “Professor McGonagall” and “Professor Dumbledore” of Sleeping Beauties woodworking designs (who gifted us with free wands for our Harry Potter presentation!), Brittany’s long lost cousin Angie and her partner Grey, the Diamond-Jones and Bhatigan clans, Joanne and Meghan Warman, Jay and Steph Levy, Samantha Kymmel-Harvey, Carrie Gross Brady, and all the wonderful people who made it out!!

[Credit for this great shot goes to Elise Anderson!]

We absolutely cannot wait to do more events like this!

If you missed this event though, do not despair! This week, we are opening enrollment for our BRAND NEW CLASS “Introduction to British Folklore,” and we cover all the King Arthur material we discussed at the Renaissance festival, plus so much more!! Seriously, there are over 100 minutes of Arthurian legend stuff – we geeked out hard :). In addition to Arthurian legend, the course covers our favorite British ballads and fairy tales both strange and familiar. Check it out, get a FREE map to the course, and sign up here! Enrollment is open until September 23rd at midnight!


  1. It was our honor and delight. To quote the faery goddess mother of the mythic arts, Terri Windling:

    “There have been a number of us working very, very hard to bring myth and fairy tales into public consciousness, through fantasy literature and other media. I hope we’re succeeding in some small way.”

    It is a personal vow of mine to be of service to the Mythic and Faery Tale Arts Community. Offering our hospitality and attention is the smallest of ways.

    Bright blessings

    1. What a beautiful quotation, thank you for sharing it. The generosity of spirit is one of the most wonderful things about our little community, and we are so happy to be a part of it. Again, thank you for everything <3

  2. Carrie Brady

    It was soooo cool to see you in person! I wanted to stop and say hi after one of the lectures but was trying to keep up with my parents, so I missed the chance. I’m so glad you had a great time!

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