It’s the time when authors and makers of various kinds like to present, submit for consideration for various awards, and reflect on the work they’ve produced in the past year. Because we do so much together, we thought that we would combine our posts this year, presenting our co-authored work and our solo work in one post :). Since this is the Carterhaugh School blog after all, we would also like to (perhaps unconventionally) submit the school itself for consideration!

The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic:
This is perhaps an odd idea–we don’t think online schools are usually thought of for these kinds of awards–but we would like to submit our Carterhaugh School for consideration for awards such as, potentially, the Hugo Awards’ Best Related Work and/or Best Fancast and the World Fantasy Awards’ Special Awards. We believe in our contribution to the speculative world and would love for more people to see the work we’re doing, all of us, together here!

Brittany and Sara’s 2017-Eligible Co-Authored Work:
We are also creative writers in addition to academics, and we have produced several pieces over the past year that we are very proud of. Some of them we have even written together!

“An Invitation”
– poemUncanny Magazine – Issue #19

“The Two Nightingales” – poem – NonBinary Review – Issue #14: The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

“Waking” – poem – Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry – Issue #10: Winter 2016/2017
Already Nominated for the 2018 Rhysling Award!

Brittany’s 2017-Eligible Solo Work:
The following pieces were written by Brittany on her own.

“The Queen of the Roses Sings to Her Sisters” and “The Winter Cathedral” – poems – Faerie Magazine – Winter 2017

“Lessons with the Green Witch” and “Two Sisters” – poems – Wyrd and Wyse – Issue #1

“Persephone Rising” – poem – Sihaya and Co’s Seasonal Subscription Boxes – Spring 2017

“C is for Catechism” – short story – D is for Dinosaur – Poise and Pen Publishing, 2017 – Edited by Rhonda Parrish

Sara’s 2017-Eligible Solo Work:
And these are the pieces by Sara on her own.

“The Lovers and the Labyrinth” – poem – Faerie Magazine – Winter 2017

“Autumnvale: A Key for Seekers” – poem – Sihaya and Co’s Seasonal Subscription Boxes – Autumn 2017

“Starskin, Sealskin” – poem, co-written with Shveta ThakrarUncanny Magazine – July 2017

“How to Grieve: A Primer for Witches” – poem – Mythic Delirium – May 2017
Already Nominated for the 2018 Rhysling Award!

“The Unquiet Grave: R is for Remember” – short story – D is for Dinosaur – Poise and Pen Publishing, 2017 – Edited by Rhonda Parrish

Thank you so much for reading and supporting us this past year! Though we’re currently on a bit of a hiatus so that we can both actually finish our dissertations in the near future, we have so much planned for Carterhaugh’s future that we can’t wait to share with you soon!

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