A Few Brief Updates!

January 24, 2023

Sara’s wrist is back in a brace, so we’re keeping today’s note short and snappy, like a very small turtle.

  • Our Smithsonian Associates talk “How to Write a Fairy Tale” is TONIGHT (1/24/23) at 6:45 PM ET. Click here to join us for prompts and strategies to see how fairy tales work and how to take them apart and put them together yourself! (They close ticket sales early, so grab yours asap if you want to come!)
  • You voted, we saw your actual tsunami of nautical requests, and so our next course is going to be FOLKLORE OF THE SEA. More on this very soon.
  • Taking very deliberate time “off” during our Carterhaugh Summit (including a spa day!) was very, very good for our brains and creativity. We might write a whole blog post about this later, but, for now, we’ll just say that we are SO EXCITED for Carterhaugh 2023 – so much good stuff is coming. And if you’re feeling stuck about anything – work, a piece of writing, a project, a feeling – take a day or even just a few hours off, if you can. It’s amazing how much brains can do when we give them a little space to breathe.
  • Behold, a unicorn and some cocktails, as seen in Crow & Quill in Asheville, which was clearly designed to our specifications despite our never having heard of it before?! We’re totally going to write more about this place in the future. Can we all build teleport machines and go there and hang out right now?

More soon!

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