A Playlist for the Wine-Dark Sea

January 31, 2023

Enrollment for The Wine-Dark Sea: Folklore of the Ocean opens tomorrow!!! (Selkies! Mermaids! Ghost ships! Monsters and heroic guilt and the fathomless, existential scope of endless waters!) And we’re working furiously on all the finishing touches – look for an email/social media post tomorrow!

The thing is, we never work in silence.

(Sara actually finds silence acutely distracting and straight-up cannot work if there’s no noise in the background. On more than one occasion, she’s made the tragic mistake of dragging all her books and laptop to the library, only to realize that she’s forgotten her earbuds. And then she has to go all the way back home because she knows that the cause is lost. Brittany loves instrumentals to work to usually, but when she’s procrastinated to the point of horror, and she really REALLY needs to get things done, it’s super-fast metal all the way.)

Unsurprisingly, we’ve put together a playlist to inspire us while we design the course and put the sales page together – click here to listen!

Whether you join us for the course (and we hope you do, it’s going to be SO COOL) or not, we’re sharing this oceanic playlist with you. We hope it brightens (er, dampens with copious sea mist?) your day.

More very soon!

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