What Do You Want To See From Us in 2023?

January 17, 2023

Quick question for you:

What do you most want to see from us in 2023?

Tomorrow, the two of us are driving to Asheville for our Carterhaugh Summit. We have an Americana playlist inspired by Rainbow Rowell’s Simon Snow books, a stack of absurdly overdecorated (faux) leather notebooks, and our coziest pjs ready to go.

Twice a year, we block out a few days to figure out what we’re going to be doing with our lives for the next six months. We plan out our upcoming courses and projects, tweak our work/life balance, and eat our weight in mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Usually, we have a really strong gut feeling for what we want to do next. But when we had a preliminary meeting yesterday, we felt really torn! Several ideas are warring for our attention, and we’re not sure which way we’re going to go.

That’s where you come in! We’ve put together a poll!

You’re free to choose based on the title that speaks to your soul, but here’s a little bit more about what we’re thinking for each:

The Folklore of the Sea – Mermaids and selkies galore, haunted ships, sea shanties, and sea monsters. Possibly also a feminist look at The Odyssey?

The Magic of Shakespeare – Likely a week each on things like fairy tales, fairies, the gothic, etc (and how these things help Shakespeare work.)

Dark Academia – What do you do when you love a thing so much, but it also makes you crazy? You make this course, apparently. It would be both a deconstruction and a celebration of everything “dark academia.” Expect major nerdery, critiques, and some awesome novels (warning: this one would likely be heavy on the reading!)

Women Writing Fairy Tales – Even though the most famous fairy-tale writers and collectors are men (which we will UNPACK), there are a ton of prolific, sensational women throughout history who have written them, too. From the French salons to nineteenth-century British magazines to the present, we’ll explore their work.

Click here to vote!

We’ll look at your answers while we’re in Asheville, so please make your choice in the poll or write us a comment below to let us know what your heart truly desires!

P.S. We’re so excited to support this kickstarter for 3 fairy tales with a transgender twist! Paperbacks, hardbacks, and signed editions are all available along with an amazing suite of free ebooks for all backers in the stretch goals. You can pick your favorite retelling Cinder Ella, Mer Made, or Beauty’s Beast, or own all three in the beautiful foil-stamped hardback. And guess what? All backers will receive a 50% off code for our “Introduction to Fairy Tales” course! Click here to check out and back this project now :).


  1. Claire

    These all sound amazing! The poll would only let me pick one, but if I had to pick two, it would be Folklore of the Sea and Shakespeare – very excited to hear what’s next up!

  2. Marybeth Reilly-McGreen

    Will Folklore and the Sea be rerun? Or will an online, self-guided course be available at some point? I missed the registration. ):

    1. Hey Marybeth, it will likely be available as a self-guided course the next time we open the vault, but we’re not sure when that will be? We might be able to sneak you in if you want to join now though, shoot us an email at carterhaughschool @ gmail . com :).

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