Two BONUS Vampire Stories

May 9, 2023

Late last week, we decided to go live on Facebook and share not one, but TWO bonus bizarre vampire stories we uncovered that sadly had to be cut from our Wondrium series, The Real History of Dracula 😭

We had so much fun that we thought we’d share it again as our blog post this week!

Look how happy we are! It’s totally because vampires are exploding.

Click here to listen to stories of milk-stealing vampires and EXPLODING vampires!

If you want to hear a BUNCH of other bizarre and wonderful vampire stuff, definitely click here to check out our full 10-episode series on Wondrium! If you’re not into streaming, you can get the whole series as a one-off purchase on The Great Courses AND/OR listen to it as an audiobook on Audible!

(Wondrium and Audible also have excellent free trials, so that’s a great option to explore too!)


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